Creatives Batch Import
  • 27 May 2024
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Creatives Batch Import

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Samsung DSP provides a new workflow to simultaneously import multiple creatives in batch, reducing the time required to upload all the creatives for a campaign.

Requirements & Specifications

Please note that you need to contact your Account Manager (i.e., Admin) to both enable the Creative Batch Import feature and allow the creation of the creative types you plan to use for your campaign.

At the moment, Batch Import supports 11 creative types:

  • 1st Screen (2014-2015)
  • 1st Screen (2016-2021)
  • 1st Screen Plus (2018-2021)
  • Addressable Program Guide
  • Apps Store Masthead
  • Apps Preview
  • Game Console Preview
  • Universal Guide Masthead
  • Universal Guide Preview
  • Third Party Hosted Ad (Ad Server Tag)
  • Third Party Hosted Video (VAST URL)

Make sure to download the latest spreadsheet template to benefit from additional options.

Access & Setup

If you have access to more than one account, make sure to switch account using the Change Account menu before clicking the Batch Import button.

  1. On the left panel, click the Creatives icon.
  2. On the Creatives page, click Batch Import located in the upper right-hand corner.

A new tab will direct you to the New Batch Import - Creatives page.

This page is composed of three sections that describe the workflow involved when importing Creatives.

  • General Settings provides you with the latest Spreadsheet Template Samsung DSP relies on to proceed.
  • Upload Spreadsheet ensures that the Spreadsheet Template you submit is properly completed, where all required information has been entered (Advertiser ID, Assets information, etc.).
  • Upload Assets remains inactive until it receives the information coming from the uploaded Spreadsheet template. It validates that the mapping between the assets defined in the Spreadsheet Template and those you upload in this section match.

100 is the maximum number of assets you can add to the template.

General Settings

  • Batch Operation Name: Enter a name for this batch operation task. Once you click Import, you will be able to check its status on the Batch Actions page.
  • Advertisers: This field helps you to directly retrieve the Advertiser ID that will be assigned to the campaign where the creatives will be used for. You can either enter the advertiser’s name or look for it using the drop-down list. Once selected, you will see its ID below the Advertiser ID column. For this example, we take the advertiser ID 1423 which refers to Ad.

The Advertiser ID you display through this field won’t get populated to the template. You will have to manually enter the ID in the cell of the advertiser_id column.

  • Spreadsheet Template: Click Download Spreadsheet Template to save the template on your computer.

Fill out the Spreadsheet Template

  • Once downloaded on your computer, open the Excel file.

Each column corresponds to a field you would find on the creative form in Samsung DSP.
Each sheet (tab) refers to a creative type (except for the Creative Group tab which refers to a feature allowing you to gather multiple creatives into one group. Refer to Import Creatives assigned to a Creative Group for more details.).

The following table helps you to fill in the fields of each sheet using their respective documentation.

Creative Types in the Template (sheets)Creative Type Documentation
stv_20141st Screen (2014 - 2015) Creative
stv_20161st Screen (2016 - 2021) Creative
stv_game_consoleGame Console Preview Creative
stv_ug_preview_companion1st Screen Plus Creative
app_storeApps Store Masthead Creative
apps_previewApps Preview Creative
ug_previewUniversal Guide Preview Creative
universal_guideUniversal Guide Masthead Creative
epgAddressable Program Guide Creative
vast_urlThird Party Hosted Video (VAST URL)
third_party_tagThird Party Hosted Ad (Ad Server Tag)
  • Fill out the Excel spreadsheet by taking into consideration the following color code:
    • Green = Mandatory
    • Orange = Optional
    • Red = Must be blank

Some creative types (stv_2016, stv_game_console and stv_ug_preview_companion) allow you to define a tile providing a preview of the advertisement.

Make sure to assign the same ID in the cell of the mapping_id column for both sheets (the master and preview_tile) to do so. For example, stv_2016 and stv_2016_preview_tile.

The Advertiser ID you enter in the advertiser_id column should match with the Advertiser ID available in Samsung DSP. Refer to General Settings for more details.

Most of the fields are interactive to ease the completion of the spreadsheet. Based on the selection you made in the drop-down list, the right field will be automatically highlighted. As an example we can say that if in the cell of the click_action column you choose click_to_web, the click_to_web_link will be marked in green but the other choices won’t (they will be marked in red).

Do not edit the Creative Format sheet as it serves for data validation.

  • Once you have entered the values into the spreadsheet in the first row:
    • Click the number indicating the row position then press CTRL or CMD (on Mac) + C to copy the line.
      • Click the number indicating the row position of the line below and press CTRL or CMD (on Mac) + V to paste the content.
    • From this point, you can either edit the row by changing only some cells in the columns if the settings are similar OR right-click on the number indicating the row position and select Clear Content to start from scratch while preserving the data validation formulas.
  • Once you finished completing the spreadsheet, save and close the file.

Import Creatives assigned to a Creative Group

You need to contact your account manager (i.e., Admin) to enable the Creative Group feature to proceed as well as the other requirements mentioned above (i.e., Creative Batch Import feature + Creative types you planned to use).

Creative Group allows you to gather the creatives of a specific type into the same group (See Creative Group for more details). Using the Batch Import feature to create a Creative Group enables you to create both the creative(s) and the creative group in the same import.

Creative Group is not available for Third Party Hosted Ad (Ad Server Tag) and Third Party Hosted Video (VAST URL) creative types for the moment.

To add creative(s) of a specific type (i.e., sheet) to a Creative Group:

  • In the creative_group sheet:
    • Add a name in the cell of the name column and enter the same advertiser ID as the one used by the creatives in the cell of the advertiser_id column.
    • In the cell of the type column, select the creative type assigned to this group (i.e. the sheet on which you assigned an ID in the cell of the creative_group_mapping_id column).
    • In the cell of the format column, select the format that matches the type. Refer to the table below for more details.
    • In the cell of the creative_group_mapping_id column, make sure to assign the same ID in the cell of the creative_group_mapping_id column of both the said creative type and the creative_group sheets.
    • In the cell of the creative_group_weights column, enter 100 if you left the cell of the existing_creative_ids column blank. If you did not, make sure that the numbers you entered for the cells of both creative_group_weights and existing_creative_weights columns equal 100.
    • [OPTIONAL] In the cell of the existing_creative_ids column, enter the ID of an existing creative in Samsung DSP if you want to include it as part of creative groups.
    • In the cells of the start_date, start_time, and start_at_time_zone columns, enter the date as YYYY-MM-DD, time as HH:MM:SS, and select the time zone in the drop-down list to define the time frame during which the creatives should be active. The same applies to the cells of the end_date, end_time, and end_at_time_zone columns.
    • In the cells of the time_zone_daypart and daypart_day X columns, select the daypart time zone in the drop-down list and specify the time of the day (hourly slots) for different days of the week when the impressions will take place. For the time of the day you can enter a time, a time range, or a combination of both using a 24H format. For instance 5,6, 15-19 would mean at 5 and 6 o’clock then from 3PM to 7PM.

For now, the location, dma_metro_code and postal_code columns are not supported yet. You can leave these as is.

stv_first_screen2x2 - STV FIRST SCREEN - 1st Screen (2014 - 2015)
stv_tile_20162x2 - STV TILE 2016 - 1st Screen (2016 - 2021)
stv_game_console2x2 - STV GAME CONSOLE - Game Console (2016 - 2021)
stv_apps_store2x2 - STV APPS STORE - Apps Store (2017 - 2021)
stv_ug_masthead2x2 - STV UG MASTHEAD - Universal Guide Masthead (2018 - 2021)
stv_apps_preview2x2 - STV APPS PREVIEW - Apps Preview (2016 - 2021)
stv_ug_preview2x2 - STV UG PREVIEW - Universal Guide Preview (2018 - 2021)
stv_ug_preview_companion2x2 - STV UG PREVIEW COMPANION - UG Preview Companion (2018 - 2021)
stv_epg2x2 - STV EPG - Addressable Program Guide (2019 - 2021)
  • Once you finish completing the spreadsheet, save and close the file.

Validation Checks

Following this checklist ensures you avoid any issue that could arise when uploading the spreadsheet to Samsung DSP:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the latest spreadsheet template to benefit from additional options.
  • Make sure to have at least one creative type sheet (tab) defined and the Creative Format (Do not change) present in the spreadsheet.
  • Clear the content from the creative type sheet (tab) to which you don’t have access or permission.
  • Make sure to clear the cells of non-applicable content (red cells).
    • For example, if your asset is a video, and you decide to switch the Click Action type to click-to-web, you will have to remove the video file name from the spreadsheet as it is not needed.
  • Make sure that all asset file name cells (video and image) have values for all creative types and that you also include the file extension.
  • For creative types with preview tiles (including 1st Screen 2016, Game Console, UG Preview Companion), make sure to have always data in both the main and tile sheets. For example, if there are data in stv_2016_preview_tile sheet, the main sheet stv_2016 should have data too.

Upload Spreadsheet

  • Once you have completed the Spreadsheet Template, drag the file and drop it in the grey-dotted rectangle OR click Browse to navigate to the place where the template is located.
  • During the process, Samsung DSP will analyze the content and proceed to a data validation. The three running dots is the symbol indicating that the validation is in progress.

If the Excel file is valid:

  • The following message “excel_file_name.xls was uploaded successfully” will be displayed.
  • The Upload Assets section is made available and should have populated a list of all the assets you defined in the template.

If you encounter an error, refer to Upload Spreadsheet Troubleshooting section.

Upload Assets

This section is the last validation step Samsung DSP performs before proceeding to the uploading of all creatives.

  • Drag the assets (picture and video files) and drop them in the blue-dotted rectangle OR click Browse to navigate to the place where they are located.

Samsung DSP will analyze each asset and will validate if the names entered in the template match.
Samsung DSP triggers the validation process when you upload at least two thirds of the total assets otherwise they will stay on the To be validated state.
Other validations such as video size and image dimension also occur at the same time.

In the table, you will see four columns:

  • Asset Name: This column displays the name of the assets that were extracted from the template.
  • State: This column indicates the status regarding the file analysis.
    • To be validated means that the file is on a waiting list.
    • Validated means that Samsung DSP has validated the data against what was defined in the template.
  • Errors: This column gives you details about the reasons why Samsung DSP detected an error.
  • Actions: Click the trash bin to delete the file you uploaded as an asset.
  • A progress status related to the uploading operation is displayed at the top of the table.

If you encounter an error, refer to Upload Assets Troubleshooting section.

Run the batch import task

Once the spreadsheet and assets have been validated, the Import button will become available. If not, make sure you filled the required fields in the General Settings section.

  • Click Import to run the batch import task.
  • The following message will be displayed: The batch import was successfully enqueued. See details in the batch actions page.
  • You will be directed automatically to the Batch Import page to check the task progress. Once finished, the table will be populated with all the details (Title, Type, and Format) related to the creatives you entered in the template. Each of them will get assigned an ID.

In the case of a Creative Group, the name of the creative group will be displayed with an arrow to let you expand and reveal the creatives associated with it.

  • If you don’t want to wait for the process to finish, you can leave this page and works on something else in the meantime. You will receive an email when the task is complete and will be able to click the click here to review link to be directed to the Batch Action page (Also accessible via Setup > Batch Actions).

Upload Spreadsheet Troubleshooting

If the spreadsheet is found to have errors, they must ALL be corrected in order to proceed with the next step (i.e. upload assets). This section provides you with guidance to fix the most common issues you may encounter when uploading the spreadsheet.

Permission Denied

If you attempt to upload a creative type that was not enabled for your account, you will see the following message:

  • Write down the creative type(s) mentioned in the error message and contact your account manager to solve this issue OR if you’re not supposed to create a creative for this type, clear the content from this creative sheet (tab).

Input Errors

If Samsung DSP has discovered error(s) in the spreadsheet, a three columns table is generated:

  • Tab: This column indicates the sheet where the error was detected.
  • Cell:This column indicates the location in the sheet where you should fix the detected error. The letter refers to the column and the number refers to the row number.
  • Error Type: This column gives you details about the reasons why Samsung DSP detected an error. It is possible to download this table by clicking Download Error Report. The error report will be downloaded as a CSV file.

To fix input errors:

  • Refer to the message in the Error Type column to understand what is expected to solve them.
  • If required, use the respective documentation of the affected creative type(s) to enter the right value.

Creative ID provided is invalid or not found: XXXXXX

If you receive this message, this means that the creative ID you set in the cell of the existing_creative_ids column in the creative_group sheet (tab) was entered incorrectly or did not exist in Samsung DSP.

To fix this issue, go to your creative list and make sure to enter the right ID number in the spreadsheet.

Don’t use IDs from archived creatives as they are not considered as active (present) in Samsung DSP.

Upload Assets Troubleshooting

If the spreadsheet is found to have errors, they must ALL be corrected in order to proceed with the import. This section provides you with guidance to fix the most common issues you may encounter when uploading the assets.

Errors although the filename is correct

During the validation, Samsung DSP analyzes each asset and does not stop at just validating if the names entered in the template match.

In this case, the error came from the fact the image resolution of the file did not match the value in the template.

To solve this issue, resize your asset (image or video) by changing the width and length values accordingly.

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