Audience Combination
  • 29 Sep 2023
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Audience Combination

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Article summary

If this feature is not available in your Audience Builder, please contact your Account Manager (i.e., Admin).

_Audience Combination provides an additional dimension and new possibilities in targeting audiences. By leveraging the _AB Audiences feature, refining audiences is simplified by combining existing audiences with other existing audiences, a custom audience, or segment(s).

For example, if you created an audience related to Networks, you can reuse this audience and add other Networks segments to upgrade/complete your targeting.

Combining Audiences

  1. Follow the procedure described in Audiences to create an audience.
  2. Under the Audiences section, select AB Audiences.

Some considerations to take into account:

  • Only audiences created after Jan 30th 2022 and with AVAILABLE status are displayed in this view.
  • In order to combine an audience created prior to Jan 30th 2022, this will require creating a duplicate of that audience. The duplicate audience can then be combined. To duplicate the audience:
    • Select the Duplicate option under the campaign listing:
    • On the audience page, select the Duplicate option:
  • By default, the page will list the audiences that you have created. You can remove the filter to access the remaining audiences created under the same buyer account.
  1. Select the AB Audiences to combine by checking their respective checkboxes and clicking the Add Segments button in the bottom right-hand corner.
  2. Select AND or OR for an intersection or union operation respectively and click the Create Audience button. This audience can then be further refined by using the Audience Refinement feature (see Audience Refinement for more details).
  3. Upon the creation of the resulting audience, a confirmation message will be displayed.

Description of the columns

  • Name: This column displays the name given to the audience when it was created.
  • Audience Type: This column indicates the type of audience.

Use the Audience Type filter to leverage Refined audiences. See Audience Refinement.

  • Requester: This column displays the username who created the audience.
  • Audience Creation: This column indicates the date and time that the audience was created.
  • Smart TV List ID: This column displays the ID number associated with an audience.
  • Smart TV List Last Updated: This column indicates the last time an audience has been edited.
  • Estimated Count: This column shows the size of the audience, i.e., the number of devices that will be targeted by a campaign.

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