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If a campaign is not performing as expected in terms of bidding and delivery, this may be due to a number of factors. Here is a list of possible issues that may be causing the campaigns to underperform with respect to bidding and delivery, as well as instructions on how to address them. If you are unable to resolve the issues by following the instructions below, reach out to your account manager using the email provided during the onboarding process for further assistance.


The following diagram shows the different items that can impact either bid requests, bids or wins.

Campaign is not delivering impressions

If your campaign is not delivering any impressions, check the following aspects:

Bid activity

If your campaign has been running for more than 2 hours, it is a good idea to check the Bid Activity report for your campaign.

You will be able to see if there is any bid requests coming in that matches your flights criteria.

Scenario 1 - No bid requests

If there are 0 bid request, it means no bid request are matching the criteria of your flight. The following criteria could impact the eligible bid requests for a given flight:

  • Dates and day/time parting
  • Marketplace (Deals)
  • Bid Amount
  • Targeting (Audiences, Geo, etc)
  • Frequency Cap
  • Creative
    • Creative Type
    • Creative Video Duration

Check the following:

Ensure that the scheduling of the flight is consistent with that of the campaign.

  • Are the dates and day/time parting correctly set?
    • If not, see if correctly defining them will help.
    • If they are correctly set, then try the following:
      • Make sure the deals you’ve selected are working correctly.
      • Make sure the bid amount is the same or higher than the deal price
      • Add direct deals or open market deals
        • You can change the direct deals or open market deals and click on the estimate audience button to see the scale you can get with different deals.
      • Change the targeting to broaden the eligible audience
        • You can change the targeting and click on the estimate audience button to see the scale you can get with different targeting.
      • Increase the frequency cap
      • Ensure that the marketplace deals and creatives are compatible (e.g. Image creatives will not run on deals that provide CTV inventory exclusively)
      • Ensure that the marketplace deals accept the duration (e.g. 15 seconds) of the video creative attached to the flight.

Scenario 2 - No bid

If bid requests are coming in but there are no bids, then it means the platform is not bidding on those bid requests. There are mainly 2 reasons for that:

  • The pacer mechanism estimates that it should not bid at this time according to the calculation it made including budget objectives, impressions objectives, start and end times, day parting, etc.
  • You have already spent the maximum amount of budget that were allocated to you in what we call your wallet. Contact your account manager for more info.

Scenario 3 - No wins

If there are bid requests and bids, but no delivery/wins (bids won), it means that you lost the bid to other advertisers or that the impressions is blocked at the exchange/publisher level.

Lost bid

You were outbid by another advertiser

  • Check that your bid amount is high enough for the inventory you have selected. You may be competing with other advertisers, so increasing your bid amount will improve your chances of winning the bid.

Blocked impression

The impression was blocked at the exchange or publisher level.

  • A creative might be blocked by an exchange or publisher for the following reasons:
    • Creative specs not matching minimum or maximum specs of the publisher (video bitrate, video dimensions, etc)
    • The content of the creatives (ex: alcohol, political, gambling, etc) is not accepted by the publisher
    • The duration of the video is not within the publisher specifications (ex: 60 seconds video)


Deal(s) not working

If it appears that a direct deal might is not working, first verify that the deal is properly setup:

  • Deal ID
    • Extra white spaces entered in front of or following the ID string are read as part of the ID.
  • Wrong exchange selected

If there are no issues with the Deal ID or exchange, then if there have been bid requests coming from the deal in question in the last 24 hours. This can be done as follows:

Option 1

  1. From the current flight, remove all targeting and all deals except for the deal you want to investigate
  2. Click on Estimate Audience button to forecast how the deal would perform by itself. See here for more details on forecasting: Flight Forecasting

Option 2

  1. Create a new flight
  2. In the marketplace, select only the deal you want to investigate
  3. Select a creative of the appropriate type (ex: video for CTV)
  4. Make sure there is nothing selected in the targeting
  5. Click on Estimate Audience. See here for more details on forecasting: Flight Forecasting

For both options, if the estimates show 0:

  • Make sure this deal was created more than 24 hours ago, as the platform needs 24 hours to properly estimates the bid requests

Last step you can check is if there is delivery at all. While the estimates might show 0, it might still be able to deliver, but a very small amount. You can then launch your flight (without any targeting selected) and let it run for a while.

If the report shows 0 bid requests after a few hours, it will be best to reach out to your contact who provided the deal ID and for instructions on how to proceed.

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