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Does the platform support keyboard shortcuts?

AnswerSamsung DSP supports the following shortcuts. They can be typed anywhere on the platform (i.e. in Trader) in to navigate to the specified parts of the platform by entering the appropriate ID in the modal when prompted. The following shortcuts are currently supported.
ShortcutNavigates to
gifinteractive delivery report - flight.
gicinteractive delivery report - campaign
grfreal-time delivery report - flight
grcreal-time delivery report - campaign

Typing “?” when in the platform (any page on Trader) will open the following tooltip, showing the available shortcuts.

Typing in the shortcut will open a modal, where you can enter the appropriate ID, i.e., Flight, Creative or Campaign ID.

For example, jump to a flight by keying “gf” and entering the flight ID #.

If my user account is already created, but I don’t have my password, what do I do?

  1. Please go to this URL Samsung DSP.
  2. Enter the email address related to your user account and click the “Send me reset password instructions” button.

    An email with the instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to you shortly thereafter. If you do not see the email in your inbox, then check your Spam folder.

If my user account is locked, what do I do?


An email is going to be sent automatically to the email address associated to your user account with instructions on how to unlock your user account (subject: “Unlock Instructions”).


If you don’t see the email in your inbox, then check your spam folder.

How does your Geo location resolution work?


Samsung DSP makes use of a collection of GeoIP2 databases from MaxMind. Geolocation resolution is based on the IP address, which is used both for geo-targeted ad delivery by the delivery servers, and geo analysis on the resulting delivery data by the data/reporting servers.

How to find total sum of flights when using budget allocation of Manually Assigned?


Under Flight Creation and Budget Allocation settings, Budget Allocated is the sum of allocated flight budgets

Are you having delivery issues? Check Bid activity report


Under campaign or flight → Actions … → Reports → Bid Activity. If your campaign is under delivering, look at the bid activity report, bid rate close to 100% means that we are pretty much bidding on all requests, maxing out here on avails based on targeting and inventory, will need to look into optimizing campaign.

How to find all targeting assigned to the flight?


Under Flight level → Targeting, on the right-hand side, Targeted Inventory widget is available for you to quickly see all the parameters selected under Targeting instead of selecting each parameter individually.
With the widget, you can view Included and Excluded segments (one at a time), with option to remove the parameter in the widget by clicking on X.

Clicking on the Include or Exclude option will open a list showing all the include and excluded segments respectively. To remove a segment from the list, click the X next to it.

How to follow only campaigns you manage?


See the documentation for following a campaign here:
Follow a Campaign

Are there any recommendations or best practices for Creatives or Tags?


Here are the best practices listed per product

  • Videos
    • Different Video lengths in separate tags, if you have 15s and 30s videos, please create 2 different tags
    • Able to rotate in multiple same length videos into one VAST tag, ex. 3 different concept messaging 15 can be rotated in one tag
    • Mp4 format for videos
  • Connected TV Video
  • Desktop/Mobile Video
    • When using VPAID tag, it is ideal to also have another set of VAST tag for maximum inventory, recommending 1xVAST tag and 1xVPAID tag

*Please review our creative guidelines for optimal video features that should be included in videos.

Are batch Actions supported for flights?


Yes! See Flight Batch Actions for more details.

Are multiple frequency cap settings supported for flights?


Yes. Under the Strategy tab for your flight on the Flight details page, you can add frequency caps by clicking the +Add button and remove them by clicking the X next to the cap.

The example above has 2 defined frequency caps - 3 per day and 1 per hour for a given IP address.

After I have selected my inventory sources in Open Market or Direct Deals, can I save this as a template to reuse?


Yes! This template will be saved as a Preset. See Presets for more details.

How to Show File Extensions in Windows 10

AnswerIn Windows 10, file extensions for known file types are hidden by default when viewing them in the file explorer. By following the steps below, the file extensions can be displayed as part of the file name.

Step 1

Open File Explorer.

Step 2

Select the View tab as shown below.

Step 3

Check the "File name extensions" check box to show file extensions.
Unchecking the box will then revert to having the file extensions not being shown as part of the filenames.


This option applies universally to all folders, so this will not have to be done for every folder individually.

Step 3 - Alternate Method

Alternatively, instead of checking the checkbox for file name extensions, you can click on the Options button, then Change folder and search options.

It will open the File Explorer Options control panel. Then select the View tab.

Unselect the "Hide extensions for known file types" check box to show file extensions as part of the filename.
Checking the box will then revert to hiding file extensions from the filenames.

How to open a .gz or .zip file

AnswerTo open a .zip or .gz file, a file archiver application is required.

Windows 10 and MacOS can create and extract .zip files without requiring the installation of any additional software. However, .gz files will require a file archiver application.

Install a file archiver application

The 7zip archiver is a free, open-source software that is simple to use and is available on both Windows and MacOS.

  1. Download the latest version: 7-Zip
  2. Install the software

Extract your file

  1. Right-click on the .gz or .zip file
  2. Hover over the 7-Zip option.
  3. Click the Extract Here option from the expanded menu.
  4. The extracted file will then be available in the same folder
  5. The extracted file can then be opened with the appropriate application.

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