Audience Builder to Reduce Negative Lift
  • 08 Apr 2024
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Audience Builder to Reduce Negative Lift

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Article summary

A Lift Report can be one of two types:

Standard Lift Report and a Conversion Group Lift Report. To reduce negative Lift, you use a standard Lift report. Here is the workflow for creating a standard Lift Report.

Lift is calculated as the difference between Exposed Conversion Rate, and Unexposed Conversion Rate, where the following algorithms determine each.

  • Exposed Conversion Rate = (Exposed Converters / Total People Reached via Samsung Campaign)
  • Unexposed Conversion Rate = (Unexposed Converters / Total People Not Reached via Samsung Campaign)

PSIDs not displaying

If a user creates a conversion audience with the audience study period ending the same day, then the audience builder might not provide all applicable Personal Service Identifers (PSIDs) in the audience. Audience Builder takes some time to ingest the right audience for any given day. This is because of a data processing lag.

If Conversion Audience doesn’t account for all TVs that took a specific action, the Lift Report might lose Exposed Converters or TVs that were exposed to a Samsung Ad where the viewer took an action. This will reduce Lift.

Example of a Negative Lift Instance

You generated a Lift Report for a campaign targeting Disney+ App Opens. The campaign runs from 29 Oct to 30 Oct. The conversion audience study period was 29 Oct to 31 Oct (1 day attribution window). You created this conversion audience on 31 Oct, and Audience Builder created a conversion audience of ~2.2 Million PSIDs (2.2 Million PSIDs opened the Disney+ App during 29 Oct to 31 Oct).

This resulted in the Lift Report showing an Exposed Conversion Audience of 649,682, and a Lift of -15% {negative lift}. Two outcomes occurred because of this condition:

  • When you recreated the Conversion Audience (using the same study period of 29 Oct to 31 Oct) in Audience Builder on 8th December, and Audience Builder created a Conversion Audience with ~4 Million PSIDs (x1.95 from last conversion audience).
  • When you re-created a Lift Report with this revised Conversion Audience, the Exposed Conversion Audience increased to 1,881,144 (increase of 190%). The report showed a Lift of 116% (from previous -15%)

Solving the negative lift condition

Samsung DSP now blocks you from using an incomplete Conversion Audience in the DSP Lift Report, where the conversion audience has not been fully updated for the audience study period that the user has defined in Audience Builder.

You are now blocked if you creating a Conversion Audience that will be updated after Audience Creation, to reduce user error in the Lift report workflow. A complete conversion audience that does not update any further is reduced.

The Service Level Agreement for a complete conversion audience (a conversion audience that will not update any further) is reduced

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