Third Party Hosted Video (VAST URL)
  • 14 Jun 2024
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Third Party Hosted Video (VAST URL)

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Article summary

Third Party Hosted Video (VAST URL) is a URL that calls the advertisers’ ad server to get an XML document following the VAST specification.

VAST, which means Video Ad Serving Template informs video players how a video should be delivered and played based on the metadata specified in an XML document.

Feature Availability

Some features are not supported yet in every region. Use this table to see if you have access to this feature based on your location.

OceaniaAU, NZ
North AmericaUSA, CA
South AmericaBR, MX

Click Actions Available

WebsiteApplicationFull Screen VideoMicrositeVirtual Tune-In

General Settings

  • Name: Enter a name for the creative.
  • Advertiser: Enter the advertiser's name or select an advertiser from the drop-down list.
  • Language: Enter a language or select one from the drop-down list. Available languages are Chinese, Danish, English, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. At the flight level, you can apply further restrictions to only deliver the impressions of the creative to browsers that have the same language in their setting. If Any is selected for language, this will have no effect.
  • Format: Select the size based on the asset being uploaded. The uploaded asset must comply with the specified dimension.

Some considerations to take into account:

  • Samsung DSP will NOT resize Image and HTML5 assets.
  • There is no Format field for Video creatives.
  • Track Viewability: Only select if tracking viewability is desired in the platform. Checking this option for your creative will incur an additional cost. For Video creative, a VPAID component will be added and will limit available in-app inventory (CTV, Mobile in-app, etc) to prevent compatibility issues.
  • External Label: This is a free-form section and can be left blank.
    • An external label can be provided to facilitate reporting across different systems. After impressions have been delivered, reports pivoted around this field can be pulled from the Delivery extract reports.

Additional Information For Political Creative

This section appears only for Political Advertisers. See Advertisers for more information.


  • US State(s): Tick the checkboxes in the drop-down list to select the state(s) targeted by this the ad.
  • Name of Candidate or Ballot #: Enter the candidate's name or ballot number to identify voters.
  • Name of Committee: Enter the name of the primary campaign committee and any other authorized committee that includes the candidate's name.
  • Committee Identification Number : Enter the committee identification number provided by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). If you don't have this number, click the slider to disable this field.
  • Contact information of the Committee or individual paying for the ad: Provide the necessary information about the committee or the individual submitting the ad. This may include a valid driver's license, or other identification card issued by a government agency of the Commonwealth, any of its political subdivisions or the United States. You may also provide a phone number that allows the person responsible for accepting the ad to contact the person and verify/validate the accuracy of the identification details before running the advertisement.
  • Treasurer of the Political Committee: Enter the name of the person who has signed and dated at the bottom of the Statement of Organization document.
  • Target Audience Description: You can provide details of the audience who will receive the ad on their screen.

Vast URL Creative Specifications

Only VAST URL from accredited 3rd-Party vendors are authorized.

The VAST/XML must include at least 4 media files:

  • One 1920 x 1080 (recommended bit rate: 8,000-10,000 kbps)
  • One 1280 x 720 (recommended bit rate: 4,000-7,000 kbps)
  • One 800 x 450 (recommended bit rate: > 1,500 kbps)
  • One 640 x 360 (recommended bit rate: > 1,500 kbps)

Please note that some publishers or exchange sellers require a file with a bit rate of 15,000 kbps.

See Video for more information about video creative specifications.

Vast URL Creative

  • Click trackers: Click tracker URLs can be added by clicking the +Add button.

  • Impression trackers: Impression tracker URLs can be added by clicking the +Add button.

    • Based on the +Add button you click (next to Click or Impression trackers), a field to enter the URL will be generated.
    • Click on the X to remove a tracker.
  • Video third-party tracking: Samsung DSP tracks all the events listed in the table by default. If there is a need to add third-party tracking URLs, please do so by selecting the desired events below.

    • Progress quartiles: start, first, mid, third, complete.
    • Actions: unmute, pause, full screen, mute, resume, rewind, skip.

  • VAST URL:Input your VAST URL. Make sure to use the Samsung DSP random number macro in the appropriate location in the URL in order to avoid third-party impression discrepancies.
Examples of random number macro
  • Google: __RANDOM_NUMBER__;dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;tag_for_child_directed_treatment=;
  • Innovid:;cb =__RANDOM_NUMBER__
  • VAST secure URL: Though this isn’t strictly required, it is highly recommended as most inventory requires a secure URL to serve.
  • VPAID: Select the appropriate option:
    • No
    • Yes, Javascript
    • Yes, Flash
    • Yes, Flash & Javascript

Flash is no longer supported by the majority of web browsers.

  • Video duration: Select the video duration
    • 15, 30, 45, 60+ seconds


  • Enable Icon: Checking this box enables consumers to opt out of interest-based advertising.
  • Icon Position: If the above box is checked, this drop-down list enables the overlay of the AdChoices icon at either the Top right, Top left, Bottom right, or Bottom left corner of the creative asset. The default and most frequently used position is Top right.

AdChoice icon cannot be added to CTV campaigns.

Samsung Ads is proud to be a member of the Digital Advertising Alliance and its AdChoices program, which allows consumers to easily and centrally opt out of ads based on their interests. By enabling AdChoices in your creative, Samsung DSP will automatically attach the official AdChoices icon to your creative in the location of your choice and link to opt-out choices that allow consumers to refuse interest-based ad targeting by Samsung DSP. We strongly encourage you to enable this option when ad targeting is based on user history (e.g. re-targeting or behavioral targeting).

For more information on what type of data the Samsung DSP collects, opt-out choices, and our commitment to protecting consumer privacy, please visit our privacy policy.

Creative Audits

  • Declared URL: The declared URL must be the final URL where the ad will redirect, and not an ad server click tracker URL. This field is required on all exchanges. To get the destination URL for the creative:
    • Enter the click URL or click tracker into a browser address bar.
    • The final URL that appears should contain the name of the advertiser. Use this value for the Declared URL.
  • Audit requests: Checking the box for AppNexus, DoubleClick or FreeWheel (PG Only) will submit an audit request to the respective exchange. These exchanges require an audit prior to the initial bid. If not checked, the creative will not run on these exchanges, but can still run on exchanges that don’t require an audit prior to the bid.

Most exchanges perform Creative audits automatically to verify the level of quality and compliance of the creative. If you are planning to bid with this ad on any publishers accessible via AppNexus or DoubleClick, you must tick AppNexus and/or DoubleClick to submit an audit request. The same applies to FreeWheel, except that it would only work for programmatic guaranteed campaigns.
You will see the result of the audit on the Creative Listing page. Winning will only be possible once the creative has passed the audit on the exchanges where it is scheduled to bid.

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